Who We Serve

  • Visionaries who need to get dramatic short-results to fuel their improvement journey.
  • Change leaders facing chronic, intractable problems of change, transition, and transformation
  • Innovators who sense breakthrough opportunities for leveraging their assets (in people, relationships, and capabilities, as well as programs and tangible products and services), but need help in capitalizing on those opportunities.

In healthcare, our clients typically serve as executives, change leaders and catalysts, and external advisors to the healthcare sector.  We also work with payors, such as employers, and with regional economic development authorities interested in health from the perspective of job stabilization and creation.  In other sectors, we work with similar audiences as well as regulators, government agencies responsible for innovation, and system-level improvement consortia.

Video interview at Ryerson University in Ontario with Tom Bigda-Peyton, Managing Partner at Second Curve Systems.