Our Approach

Healthcare has entered a new era.

This new passage has resulted in a series of unknowns and unintended consequences that have and will continue to affect healthcare institutions, staff, medical practitioners, medical insurance carriers and ultimately patient care.

At Second Curve Systems we believe there is a better way.  A way that embodies all affected by the healthcare system to work together for the betterment of the whole.    We don’t believe we can hit the ball out of the park the first time up at bat, thus we have created a methodology that is grounded in the best thinking and practice of health system transition and transformation.

Our  proven approach embraces the whole system of concern in order to deliver the best results for all stakeholders — including and most importantly, the patient.  In order to transform healthcare, we believe the following strategies need to be in place:

Healthcare transformation

  • Alignment of incentives for all parties
  • Connectivity among caregivers and patients
  • Leadership assessment and development
  • Business plans and models
  • Metrics and evaluation
  • Ongoing refinement

We use an iterative, collaborative design approach, oriented to ongoing discovery, innovation, and spread of lessons learned.  Thus we look for both internal and external success examples, in the form of stories, anecdotes, and narratives, then stitch these together to create a future vision that is tangible, compelling, and achievable.  By using an iterative design to move toward this goal, we are able to maintain an ongoing spirit of appreciative inquiry, with new discoveries and small breakthroughs fueling momentum toward the larger goal.

We look to create interventions with the lowest possible cost and highest possible return; and we aim to leave something behind.  We build capacity at each stage of the journey.  We build learning and performance improvement communities of practice by using new media, on-line learning, hosted teleconferences, and webinars.  All of this helps to deliver a new capacity for conducting action research and improvement experiments in action, every day.

We have developed a science of rare events, focusing on a “multiples of one” strategy for invention and innovation of new paradigms and new breakthroughs in performance across disciplines, industries, and sectors.  We spot rare breakthroughs in social, cultural, and human systems, then invest in and sponsor them so they can be more widely adopted.  The notion is to move from advisement, to the development of new products and services, to the creation of new ventures to sustain the breakthrough.

Our work stems from root traditions based on Action Science (Chris Argyris), Reflective Practice (Don Schon), Triple-Loop Learning (Gregory Bateson), iterative cybernetic design (Norbert Weiner), and force-field analysis (Kurt Lewin).



Video interview at Ryerson University in Ontario with Tom Bigda-Peyton, Managing Partner at Second Curve Systems.